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What will happen if you click on the "Empty" option in the Layers panel, as shown in the image above?
    a   It will delete all the empty layers of the active document.
    b   It will show all the empty layers of the active document.
    c   It will delete the content of all the layers of the active document.
    d   It will show the layers marked as invisible.
What is the icon highlighted in yellow called? How does enabling the option highlighted in red affect the functionality of the one highlighted in yellow?
    a   The option highlighted in yellow is called Always use Pressure for Opacity. Enabling the option in red will affect the current layer only.
    b   The option highlighted in yellow is called Preset Manager. Enabling the option in red will help you manage the library of preset tools.
    c   The option highlighted in yellow is called Tool Presets. Enabling the option in red will show presets for the currently selected tool only.
    d   None of the above.
In the given image, what does the highlighted option do when the Crop tool is selected from the toolbar?
    a   It crops the image straight away to the point where you draw the line.
    b   It straightens the image horizontally.
    c   It straightens the image vertically.
    d   It straightens the image according to the direction of the line drawn on it.
What does the command highlighted in red in the above-given image do when selected in the Layers panel?
    a   It shows only those layers which are raster by nature.
    b   It shows only the adjustment layers.
     c   It shows the smart object layers.
    d   It shows only the shape layers.
In the image given above, what does the button circled in red let you do?
    a   It lets you remove a panel or a panel group.
    b   It lets you rearrange the order of the tabbed document windows.
    c   It lets you choose how you want your documents to appear on the screen.
    d  It lets you access the options related to the panel through a menu.
In the given image, what does the option highlighted in red let you do?
    a   It lets you select the various options available for workspace.
    b   It lets you select between the screen modes available in Photoshop.
    c   It lets you choose how you want your documents to appear on the screen.
    d   None of the above.
How will the new selection behave when we try to add it in the current selection with the option highlighted in red selected of the tool highlighted in yellow?
    a   It will make a new selection.
    b   It will add to the current selection.
    c   It will subtract from the current selection.
    d   It will intersect with the current selection.
In the given image, what does enabling the option highlighted in red do?
    a   It uniformly adjusts the radius according to the value given.
    b   It shows the original image.
    c   It intelligently adjusts the radius according to the areas where fine masking needs to be done.
    d   It shows the various ways in which the mask can be viewed.
The labels written in yellow in the above-given image are the correct names for the corresponding masks.
    a   True
    b   False
What does the Sample All Layers option do when the Quick Selection tool is selected?
    a   It creates a selection based on all the visible layers instead of just the currently selected layer.
    b   It reduces roughness and blocking in the selection boundary.
    c   It refines the edges of the selection boundary.
    d   All of the above.
Which of the following commands adjusts the amount of process colors in individual color components?
    a   Selective Color command
    b   Exposure command
    c   Photo Filter command
    d   Replace Color command
___________________channels are basically grayscale representations of saved selections.
    a   Alpha
    b   Red
    c   Blue
    d   Green
Smooth and _________________are two kinds of anchor points in Photoshop.
    a   Anchor
    b   Corner
    c   Nodes
    d   Points
Which of the following statements is true with regard to Photoshop?
    a   It is possible to avoid adjustment layers while working with the Healing Brush tool.
    b   The Blur tool is used to sharpen specific areas of an image.
    c   It is not possible to retain an image once it has been cropped.
    d   Photoshop does not deal with images.
Which of the following is NOT a blending mode in the Layers panel?
    a   Overlay
    b   Pin Light
    c   Exclusion
    d   Attribute
The Proximity Match option in the Spot Healing Brush tells it to use pixels just outside the edge of your cursor to fix spots.
    a   True
    b   False
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding Photoshop?
    a   You can add channels to Bitmap mode images in Photoshop.
    b   Resampling implies changing the amount of data contained in an image when you change an image's resolution.
    c   You can retouch multiple layers with the Stamp tool.
    d   You can add custom channels in addition to the default channels of any image.
While opening a file on your pc that is originally created on some another system, A gray warning symbol means that you are using a font that is not installed in your system, whereas a yellow warning symbol means that the document you have opened was created in a different version of Photoshop and that the text may get reflowed if you edit it.
    a   True
    b   False
The Image Processor option is used for resizing a batch of images en masse.
    a   True
    b   False
In Photoshop, Which of the following color mode(s) CANNOT have type layers?
    a   RGB color mode
    b   CMYK color mode
    c   Indexed color mode
    d   Lab color mode
__________________ contain(s) all the color information of a Photoshop document.
    a   Path
    b   Channels
    c   Mask
    d   Layers
A ________________ is an image that is made from two ink colors.
    a   Quadtone
    b   Duotone
    c   Tritone
    d   None of the above
Which command in the Character panel rounds character widths to the nearest part of a pixel instead of the normal whole pixel?
    a   System Layout
    b   Fractional Widths
    c   Reset Character
    d   Open Type
Which option in the Content-Aware Scale is used to specify the new position of the reference point in relation to its current position?
    a   Use Relative Positioning For Reference Point
    b   Reference Point Location
    c   Reference Point Position
    d   Scaling Percentage
Which of the following statement is true regarding Photoshop?
    a   You can input the value about the area that you want to crop out of any image using the Crop tool.
    b   Levels adjustments do NOT change the intensity levels of your shadows, midtones, and highlights.
    c   Layer masks are resolution-independent bitmap images, whereas Vector masks are resolution dependent.
    d   You can apply Brush, Eraser and Clone Stamp on vector based layers.
Bit depth controls the amount of color information that a _____________ can hold.
    a   Grid
    b   Pixel
    c   Node
    d   Anchor
What of the following drawing modes are available in Photoshop?
    a   Shape Layer
    b   Fill Pixels
    c   Paths
    d   All of the above
Photoshop allows you to save the size and position of panels as a custom workspace.
    a   True
    b   False
Which of the following tools helps you move any content of an image and automatically fills the area from where the content has been moved with matching elements from the existing background?
    a.  Spot Healing Brush tool
    b.  Content-Aware Move tool
    c.  Patch tool  
    d.  Red Eye tool
Which of the following adjustment layers have the auto correction option to enhance an image?
    a.  Brightness/Contrast
    b.  Levels
    c.  Curves
    d.  All of the above
Which of the following tools CANNOT work on a locked Background layer?
    a.  Brush
    b.  Eraser
    c.  Stamp
    d.  Content-Aware Scale
The____________________feature in Photoshop helps with precise placement of selection edges and cropping marquees.
    a.  Snapping
    b.  Grid
    c.  Guides
    d.  Slice
Which of the following blending modes burns or dodges colors by increasing or decreasing the contrast?
    a   Hard Light
    b   Pin Light
    c   Vivid Light
    d   Soft Light
____________________is the process of converting vector based layers into pixel based layers.
    a   Rasterizing
    b   Masking
    c   Convert to Smart Object
    d   Link layers
In the sets of tools given below, one of the tools lets you select individual nodes on a path, while the other one lets you select the path as a whole. Identify that set.
    a   Path Selection, Direct Selection
    b   Polygon Lasso, Quick Selection
    c   Rectangular Marquee, Magic Wand
    d   Quick Selection, Path Selection,
The ________________ option in the Layer Style dialog box applies the blending mode of the base layer to all layers in the clipping mask.
    a   Blend Interior Effects As Group
    b   Transparency Shapes Layers
    c   Vector Mask Hides Effects
    d   Blend Clipped Layers As Group
The _______________________ option in the Snap To submenu snaps to the edges of your document in Photoshop.
    a   Slices
    b   Document Bounds
    c   Grid
    d   Layer
The ________________________ method of resampling helps maintain the detail in a resampled image.
    a   Bicubic Smoother
    b   Bilinear
    c   Nearest Neighbor
    d   Bicubic Sharper
Which of the following statement(s) is/are true with regard to Photoshop?
    a.  Filters can affect multiple layers simultaneously.
    b.  It is possible to convert a type layer into a shape layer.
    c.  The Mode pop-up menu of Puppet Warp tells Photoshop how stretchable you want the mesh to be.
    d.  Spot colors do not require separate color channels; they have the same color channels as other artworks.
    e.  All of the above.
Which of the following options in the Adjustments panel will you use if you want the result only on the layer immediately below?
    a.  Press to view previous state
    b.  Toggle Layer Visibility
    c.  Reset to Adjustment Defaults
    d.  Clip to Layer
_______________________is NOT regarded as a unit of measurement in Photoshop.
    a   Pica
    b   Pixels
    c   Points
    d   Bit depth
The Multiply blending mode multiplies the base color of an image by the blend color.
    a   True
    b   False
The _________________________ command takes a document to its most recent saved state.
    a   Revert
    b   Import
    c   Automate
    d   Scripts
Anti-aliasing allows you to smoothen the edges of a ________________ as well as to smoothen text.
    a   Selection
    b   Shapes
    c   Images
    d   Gradients
The _____________________command adjusts the color balance of an image by setting the pixel distribution for individual color channels.
    a   Levels
    b   Curves
    c   Exposure
    d   Hue/Saturation
Which option in the Control menu of the Magic Wand tool helps select pixels within a similar color range with one click?
    a   Anti-alias
    b   Tolerance
    c   Sample Size
    d   Contiguous
The number of color channels an image has by default varies depending on the____________________ the image.
    a   Size
    b   Color mode
    c   Bit depth
    d   Resolution
Lens Correction and Adaptive Wide Angle are two filters available for correcting the perspective in an image.
    a   True
    b   False


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